In Accounts Payable

Invoices to Process

Only the invoices that have not been automatically posted need to be processed by the Accounts Payable team. Transactions are provided in SAP for Accounts Payable to list and view all the invoices received from the A-iP processing centre. Using these transactions the Accounts Payable users can amend data, re-check the status, post or launch workflow for the unposted invoices. 

Control Centre in SAP

The Control Centre in SAP is a transaction that provides a selection screen for Accounts Payable to select the invoices they are required to process. An example of the selection screen is shown below.

After running a selection the overview screen is displayed a list of invoices selected as shown below.

By selecting an invoice from the overview screen the detail view is shown where optionally the invoice image and the Purchase Order can be viewed in one screen. In the detail view the Accounts Payable user has a series of action buttons to process the invoice.