The reporting provides all the key performance metrics of your Accounts Payable process in ALV grid style layouts in SAP.

The reporting tables compile statistics based on activities in the SAP Control Centre and workflow to cover the menu items shown below:

Within each activity area the data is compiled into reporting tables by Date, by Vendor and by Company Code. Additional reporting table breakdowns are provided within Company Codes by Vendor and by User. In addition there is customising to create reports at the same level as Company Code and have the same reporting table breakdown. This allows you to create reporting for your other organisation structures, for example, Business Area, Profit Centre, Purchasing Organisation, Plant, etc.

A set of standard variants and layouts are provided for each reporting table and users can add their own according to their reporting requirements. 

A Selection Screen is provided for each reporting table where users can enter a date range, summarise the information, select pre-defined layouts or create new layouts:

The report will then output the data in the format requested. In the example below the report shows the total number of invoices, automatic posting percentage and split between MM and FI invoices.

The reporting provides the basis for the continuous improvement support we provide as part of the A-iP service to increase automation rates as well as a useful tool to drive compliance inside and outside the organisation.