The Service

Paper Invoice Processing

A dedicated PO box is provided for suppliers to send paper invoices. Paper invoices are sorted into batches and allocated a unique batch number that provides traceability of the physical document from the buyer's SAP system. Invoices are scanned and processed in batches. The OCR system extracts the header and line item data fields from the scanned image according to the buyers requirements.The extracted data is validated by the system and every document is checked by a member of the A-iP processing team to ensure accuracy. When an invoice batch has been completely validated it is available to be transferred to the Buyer's SAP system.

Paper invoices are filed in the A-iP Processing Centre and either returned to customers in an agreed period of time or securely destroyed if the buyer has dispensation from the relevant tax authorities. Non-invoice documents are either returned in hard-copy format or scanned and emailed in an agreed period of time. 

Email and Electronic Invoice Processing

Electronic invoices are processed as they are received in the A-iP processing centre. 

Emailed invoices are detached from the emails and transferred to the OCR system for data extraction and validation before being transferred to SAP.

Electronic invoices are received from directly from suppliers, via einvoicing networks or supplier portal and uploaded into SAP automatically. 

Transfer of the Invoice Data and Image to the Buyer's SAP System

The transfer of the invoice data and image can occur at specific times or continuously throughout the day according to the buyers requirements. The method of transferring the data across the internet to your SAP system will be determined by your existing network and security policies. Currently we have used a variety of methods including VPN tunnel, VPN clients and SAP Router. 

The transfer of data invokes a remote function call to SAP to transfer the data. The transfer creates a document in the SAP Control Centre and archives the image. Upon the successful completion of storing the data and image, the data for the invoice held at the A-iP processing centre is removed. If the transfer fails, the document is not removed and re-transferred during the next connection to the SAP system.

Transfer of the Invoice Data and Image to the Buyer's SAP System

Our A-iP service checks for completeness on two levels. Firstly, the total number of documents transferred to the SAP Control Centre is matched against batch totals captured when documents were initially scanned. Secondly, the gross value of each batch transferred is compared to the total gross value calculated at the time the batches were created.