A-iP includes an option to provide suppliers with a portal to enable suppliers to:

     - View the status of their invoices

     - View the status of their purchase orders

     - Exchange messages with AP users or Buyers eg. Dispute management

     - Upload documents eg. Proof of Delivery

     - Submit invoices - PO flip, online form and file uploads

     - Download remittance advice

     - Maintain SAP Vendor Master data

     - Take early payment of invoices in exchange for a discount (if enabled)

Suppliers access the portal via a browser and the home page displays a series of action buttons, recent messages, latest purchase orders and invoices available to pay:

Suppliers can list all of their invoices or narrow the selection down using the parameters provided at the top of the page:

Suppliers can list their purchase orders to see the status and the actions available to a supplier from this screen depend on what's set for that supplier in the customizing. Actions include suppliers being able to submit their invoices using PO flip or online forms. Suppliers can also download their purchase orders or submit a message. 

All invoices submitted via the portal are matched and posted through the Control Centre in SAP. Any messages submitted via the portal are visible in the Control Centre and automatic workflow procedures are used to manage any exceptions. 

The portal is an optional extension of the A-iP service so it can be delivered as part of the initial project or added at a later date.