Accounts Payable

When an invoice has a query that must be resolved by another user in the organisation, the Control Centre will automatically launch a workflow based on rules and an email will notify the user they have workflows to process.  

Accounts Payable can also launch a workflow manually from the Control Centre in SAP and add additional notes. When an invoice is started on a workflow, the status of the document is changed in the Control Centre and the recipient of the workflow is informed by email that they have been sent an invoice query to resolve.

Workflow User

The workflow user can access their workflow via SAP, Portal, SRM or a Web page. The user will be presented with a list of all the unresolved invoices in workflow they are responsible for. From the overview list the user can drill down into the invoice detail, view the invoice image, Purchase Order information and add or amend data if allowed.

Sample screenshot of the workflow overview list in SAP

Sample screenshot of the Web page detail screen

Sample screenshot of the Web page details screen with invoice image